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Assignment 3

Receptive Skill

Krishna Bahadur Bohora


Assignment 3

I have selected a news article from an online entry of Telegraph Media Group Limited for 'Authentic Material for Reading'. The title of the text is 'Cyclist trapped under car for 30 minutes escapes with just cuts and bruises'. The text is selected for the learners of mid-intermediate level. The learners of this level have some knowledge of complex sentence structures and vocabulary. This text is selected for this group because it contains some difficult collocations and sentence structures. The learners will find the text interesting because it contains the element of suspense and miraculous survival of a cyclist. The
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This has two parts:
a. Prediction Task: “Prediction is a major factor in reading.” (Harmer 2006). At this stage learners take part in prediction task. They get the picture of the text without headline. They need to predict 'What's the picture about?' They share with their partner. This is a form of study (picture study) which helps learners to be imaginative.
b. Confirming the prediction: They skim the text for 2/3 minutes and check whether their prediction was right. They don't read in detail in this stage. They are asked to skim the text to confirm their prediction. This raises their interest to the topic and helps develop a very important receptive sub-skill skimming.

3. Intensive Reading/Reading for detailed comprehension (Study): At this stage students get into deeper reading of the text. They read for 7-10 minutes to understand the text in detail. 'True' or 'False' statements are provided. Learners write 'true' or 'false' and underline the evidence in text. Correction follows pair checking and nomination for writing on board or verbal answer from the learners. According to Harmer

4. Follow up speaking task (Activate): In this stage Learners activate their learning through follow up speaking task. This helps them revise and build confidence in speaking. The learners play the role of a news reporter and Mr. Futers. Reporter asks question and Mr. Futers answer. They involve in speaking


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