What Is Nursing Professionalism?

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Despite the vast research on nursing profession, little is known about the depth of the responsibilities of nurses to the public. The majority of the society seems to still perceive nurses as “the one who wipes butt” or “the pillow fluffer”. They have very little understanding of what nurses really do and to how far nursing field have gone. The overall image of the nurses that emerges from the society is negative and we must fix that. With the research articles provided, these will give us an insight on how we can change that perception. Tracy Hart presented us thoughts on how we can carry out that change while Carol R. Myers gave us an in depth explanation on why it is important to take charge and be united as professionals.
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I agree with Hart’s view on nursing professionalism and how it should be presented to the society in order for us to be respected as such. The article written by Carol Myer discussed various topics on Professionalism. It answered questions such as: What does it mean to be professional? What are the rights and responsibilities conferred to it? How are they being governed? What were the threats they were facing? And
Why is it important that all nurses stand-up to protect their profession? Myer (2012) stated that, “A professional is distinguished by their mastery of a complex body of knowledge and skills.” She conveys that although the general public does not see the value of our profession, we have an obligation to our colleagues to help express the worth. She believes that we have the rights to use the professional knowledge we have obtained, though with that knowledge comes the responsibility to practice ethically and with integrity. Myer (2012) affirmed that the Board of Nursing governs the scope of practice for professional nursing with the role to protect the public by assuring minimum quality standards of patient care. She attempts to empower nurses of all kinds to stand up against threats of restriction in the scope of practice of APRNs. She believes that it is inappropriate for one profession to control another by prohibiting APRNs from providing legitimate services or only authorizing the performance of these services


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