Nuclear Tube Assembly Room Case

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Charles MacLean
September 11, 2013
Case Analysis: The Nuclear Tube Room Assembly

Introduction Harvard Business Review case, The Nuclear Tube Assembly Room, is an excellent example of how managing and leading a team effectively can make a substantial difference in terms of results and goals achieved, all the while creating new ambitious expectations for workers. This particular case revolves around Ralph Langley, general foreman of the process department at American Radiotronics Corporation. Within the first 24 months of being promoted to general foreman, Langley has swiftly changed the mentality and efficiency of the workers in the nuclear tube assembly room. He has changed their terrible reputation into one of the most
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In this case, it is very clear the Langley does not enjoy evaluating his workers. Although management believes they are important, he believes that “They can do more harm than good”. Langley’s department has been noted to be very lax and that everything is run on a casual hit-or-miss basis. As noted earlier, the internal process model deals directly with performance, managing projects, and directly monitors the department. Clearly, this model does not match Langley’s management style.
Rational Goal Model: Producer & Director In this model the organizations effectiveness is based around productivity and profit. Within this model, the ultimate goal lies within achievement and profit maximization. Top managers utilizing this model are task-oriented and decisive. The role of the producer is to instill productivity and time management skills onto his workers while developing a productive environment. The characteristics of a director consist of planning, visioning, and setting goals for the company to achieve. Langley clearly does not fit into the role of a producer. He does not plan or organize the work. As stated in the case, he relies heavily on delegation and teamwork within the department. He believes in letting the workers find what works best for them. Luckily this method has led to the increase in production and efficiency within the


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