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NTA & PEP Case Analysis The nuclear tube assembly room is a production unit of the American Radiatronics Corporation, one of the leading producers and an early pioneer in the nuclear electronics industry. This case deals with the approach of a manager Ralph Langley which lead to a massive improvement in the productivity of the department and about the methods are being considered to be put into action to improve the department even more and how these changes will affect the organization and employee’s . Considering the fact that Ralph transformed a hot headed and chaotic group into a highly motivated and productive group shows that he was a good and successful manager. He achieved this by helping his co-workers under him in their work and …show more content…
He seems to have no sense of appreciation on the way things were developed in the NTA room and wants to prove that things can be done in a better way due to which productivity will increase even higher. Though his ideas might help the company in making money, his attitude and changes might ruin worker relations and can decrease their productivity levels. He needs to propose and discuss his views with ralph as he has more experience with the way things are run in the NTA room than anyone else in the company. I feel that a joint effort from both of them will lead not only to maximize the company’s profits but also keep the employees happy in their jobs. The Process Engineering Proposal Memorandum given by Dr. Virginia Daniel has a lot of good ideas and potential in terms of increasing the revenue for the company but there is a lot of suggestion in the memo which favors the fact that Harold singer will be the person in-charge indirectly to the entire NTA operations. The proposal gives a false notion that the NTA room is not operating in its full potential and throws many negative remarks on the way of operations presently being handled by Ralph. I feel that if completely implemented this proposal will end up doing more harm than good for the company. Due to this proposal, the employees in the department will start operating the way they used to prior to the leadership of Ralph. As they will be focusing on one particular work alone their labor


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