Education vs Prison Funding

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Final research paper on “Education vs. Prison Funding”
The government is responsible for security of its citizens and it is also responsible to provide a safe socio-economic environment to its people, and in this context; Jails and schools are two important institutions of any society, which need regular monetary support from the government. Thus government has to be very careful in allocating funds to both of the institutions; as one punishes the convicts and other makes the people skillful, and wise enough to get a job and earn money for family. Government has to be very careful in allocation of funds to them, as it is very critical to decide which institution should be allocated more money. The report, “Prison Spending Affecting Higher
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So to decrease the prison funding it is vital to reduce the number of prisoners and it can be done only when the prisoners are taught life skills to get a job, as that would reduce the need to commit crime. Prison work programs are also good sources of generating funds for the jails; the prisoners along with the usual labor work, should also be provided work according to their skills; it has two benefits, one the prisoners will have opportunity to get practical training, and more money will be generated for jail funding. The Research,” How Offenders Transform Their Lives” suggests that education boosts self-confidence among prisoners, and motivates them for adoption of new roles and identities in society. So in my view more money should be allocated to education, whether it is education to jail inmates or to the students outside jails.
The education system is the back bone of a country, as the future of a country is based on the quality of education it provides to its people. Along with making a person skillful, education also teaches the sense of right and wrong and builds the character of a person. Education builds the morale of a person, and research has proved that access to education works


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