Sia Corporation Case

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1. What are some of the social, political, and economic forces that are influencing SIA’s decision to become a learning organization?
When SIA Corporation decides to become a learning organization that SIA manager thinks about developing five discipline: system thinking, shared vision, challenging mental models, team learning, and personal mastery in which everyone is engaged in identifying and solving problems, enabling the organization to continuously experiment, improve, and increase its capability. In the early years of the new century, many companies use behavioral sciences approach that means they use information and techniques from the social sciences to improve organizations health and improving internal
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Once the team formulates their initial plans and assumptions about the product, they test them with industry experts, customers, and others to determine if they are accurate or if new knowledge can be gained from these outside sources. Once a final plan and positioning is created, the knowledge gained by the team is leveraged with the rest of the company, particularly the sales force, executives, and partners worldwide to ensure a successful product launch and the adoption of the technology by customers."
3. What general obstacles would you foresee in a company such as SIA trying to make the transition from a hierarchical, or bureaucratic, to a learning organization? What are some general measures managers can take to smooth the way?
The biggest obstacle that SIA has solved is the manager agreed to ship from bureaucratic organization to learning organization. However, they also have many obstacles to deal with such as changing habit, law, culture, and value of organization. The elements of the bureaucratic model are still evident in the organization, and the lifetime of SIA is dominated by bureaucracy so long as Barry Sugarman stated, “Even in such a favorable setting for change, we must appreciate the stupendous inertial power of bureaucratic organizations. So long as we try to change


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