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1) The NLRB has made findings regarding the use of employee posts on Social Media sites to discipline or terminate those employees. Typically these cases occur when an employee posts “negative” information about their current employer or boss. Sometimes these are “public” and other times the employer uses “spies” or “fake friending” to see the Facebook page of the employee.
Find at least one case or article online regarding this topic, and briefly explain the facts of the case, and the determination of the NLRB as to whether the employee was properly or improperly disciplined or terminated as a result of their use of Social Media to complain about, criticize, or publicly bash their company or boss. Provide the citation to the article
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I am not just saying this because I feel that way about the people at my work. In my department alone we have had people leave for those types of reasons. We had one person leave our department because we hired a female supervisor and he could not work under a female. We had another employee that left our department because he was told in an evaluation that not everyone likes and gets his jokes, the days after his evaluation and the days to him leaving our department he kept saying it was because he is black and only black like and get his jokes.

4) Explain how you would communicate this decision to your employees or to your supervisors (depending on the decision you have selected) to ensure that future situations like this do not occur again. In your answer, determine whether you feel a social media policy is a good route to go or not. If so, list at least 3 things you would include in your policy and why you would include them. If you do not feel a social media policy is a good route to go, explain why you would not implement one (give at least two valid reasons.) (3-4 paragraphs) (15 points)

If I was the owner of a company or the HRM, typically I would not communicate this decision to any employees other than possibly the managers of the departments. Yes this causes employees to gossip however the reason an employee is terminated is between the


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