Response to "A Learning Team Drama in One Act"

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After reading this care, I think the primary reason why this learning team is falling apart is because each member in the learning team has significant behavioral patterns. These behavioral patterns have negative effects on the team. They are the reason why the members cannot cooperate effectively as a team. Timothy Jones is a 28-year-old Texan who works in the energy sector. From the way he talks to Hee Soep Choi, we can tell that he is discriminated against international student. The horrible terrorist attack of September 11 triggered the development of negative attitude toward Hee Soep Choi. He is always picking on Hee Soep because he "felt that international students did not fully appreciate the value of the American education, and …show more content…

As a result, he decided to blow off the cases and work harder at recruiting than anyone else. I agree with Baker that Fitzgerald has the typical type-A personality. Type-A behavior pattern is "a complex of personality and behavioral characteristics, including competitiveness, time urgency, social statues insecurity, aggression, hostility, and a quest for achievements." (Nelson& Quick, 219) From the case we can tell that Fitzgerald is always in a urgent. Throughout the meeting, he would tell the group to "hurry things up." and "It's time to move on." Also, he is hostile to the others. He thinks that they "were incompetent, foolhardy, and a complete waste of his time." (Pohl & Sinnarajah, 2) Moreover, there were many conflicts between him and Baker. He considered Baker as a "beach bum" who doesn't know anything about business. The theory of self-esteem can be used to explain Smith's reaction toward Hee Soep. "Individuals with low self-esteem are more strongly affected by what other people think of them, and they compliment individuals who give them positive feedback while cutting down people who give them negative feedback." (Nelson& Quick, 79) In this case, she took it as an offense that he ignored her comments. Also, she viewed Hee Soep as a sexist because Hee Soep didn't seem to acknowledge her presence. The General Mental Ability theory is the best predictor of work performance. It


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