Negotiation Plan-Casino

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I. What Happened:
A. Multiple Stories
a. What is my story?
i. I am a programming manager of a five person team that writes computer programs. There are six other programming managers. In the past, I have only worked on children’s games which do not hold the same level of prestige as the adult games in the company because the adult games produce more revenue and have more extensive marketing. ii. During a brainstorming session, I came up with an idea for our company to create a game that people could play over the internet, everyone liked the idea and decided on a gambling team. The Vice President of programming, Jamie Jackson, allowed my team take over the project. iii. My team worked grueling hours on
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b. What did she contribute to the problem?
i. Avoided talking to me about the problem before now. ii. Let me work hours and hours on a project before telling me that it was not want the company wanted to work on. iii. Give the project over to Scott to “re-vamp” without consulting me first. iv. Gave me no words of encouragement during the problem.
II. Feelings
A. What feelings underlie my judgment?
a. Disappointed that the job I once love has took a turn for the worse.
b. Frustrated that I have been excluded from the decision making process in my own project.
c. Appreciative of the fact that Jamie let me take on the Casino project in the first place.
d. Hurt that the other male managers will not look at me as an equal.
e. Disappointed that my male counterparts all make at least $7,000 more than I do.
f. Neglected that Jamie has still not approached me to talk about the project or given me any words of encouragement during the whole process.
III. Identity Issues
B. How does what happened threaten my identity?
a. I worked very hard on the Casino project and felt as if it was my best work yet. The fact that it was not reviewed well by my peers hurts my identity as a successful programmer.
b. The fact that my male counterparts and the company does not see me as an equal hurts my identity as a woman.
c. I was extremely happy with my job and the weight loss and exercise routine that I had entered into because of


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