Investment Analysis and Portfolio Management

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Investment Analysis and Portfolio Management
Date: May 18, 2011 |

1. Impact of various causative factors on the three indicators:
According to the observation of the past one-month, it infers that DJIA and NASDAQ Index fluctuate to grow, and 10-year Treasury Note Yield fell down. After analyze the daily causative factors, I find several parts influence the indicators. Most of all, the whole economic trend is the most important impact of various causative factors. The three indicators are all in terms of the economic trends. As the economic is recovering from the financial crisis, DJIA is going up from 12381.11 to 12638.74; NASDAQ goes up from 2771.51 to 2827.56. But 10-year Treasury Note Yield ease as the as the economy recovers.
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3. It forecasts U.S. consumers-price inflation, which was 1.6%in 2010 will be 2.2% this year and 1.6% in 2012. 4. In economic data, falling demand for oil and imports from China narrowed the U.S. trade deficit in February by 2.6% to $45.76 billion, from a revised $46.97 billion the month before. 4/13/11 1. President Obama is planning to slash the deficit. 2. Regulators are willing to sanction the mortgage industry over the handling of mortgage foreclosures. 3. The casino operator said it reached an agreement with Macau mogul Pansy Ho for a majority stake in a Chinese joint venture after that venture's initial public offering.

4/14/11 1. Disappointing data about unemployment was claimed. 2. Lawmakers in the House of Representatives voted to approve a measure to fund the government through the remaining months of fiscal year 2011. 3. Global shipments of personal computers fell 1.1% in the first quarter, reflecting a seasonally weak period as well as greater consumer attention on tablets and other products.
4. The three-month borrowing rates reported by the 16 Banks remained, on average, within a range of only 0.06 percentage point. That compares with an average dollar labor of 3.18% at the


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