Nfl Digital Media Strategy Case

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NFL Digital Media Strategy Case
The Sky is the Limit…If You Don’t Limit Partnerships
The NFL is an American treasure. During the season, people of all races, political affiliations, and backgrounds come together to watch football. People have an unbelievable amount of pride in their favorite teams and everyone seems to have an opinion about the latest game or who the best players are. The NFL is for all Americans to enjoy and therefore, I think the best mobile strategy is to form non-exclusive partnerships with multiple wireless carriers.
The strategy I would move forward with would be to partner with several wireless carriers, each with their own deals so Verizon, AT&T, etc. would all pay to be a partner. I would create
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Additionally, the NFL would be able to pocket all the revenue made through app downloads instead of sharing part of the profit with a wireless carrier.
The third reason that the NFL should create partnerships with all wireless providers is that not a lot of people will base their mobile phone provider decision on which one is partnered with the NFL. The wireless provider probably won’t gain many customers just because they have an exclusive partnership with the NFL. Most people are locked into multiple-year agreements with their current provider and switching is a pain. So the benefit of an exclusive partnership would be given to people that happen to be lucky enough to have a contract with the partner the NFL chooses. This smaller population of fans means less revenue opportunities. With this exclusivity, fans that do not have access because they are contracted with a different provider probably feel disdain towards the NFL for excluding them. In my view, it would make the NFL look bad as it is purely about money and people can see that.
Something else to consider is the cost of switching wireless providers that the NFL exclusively partners with. If they partnered with Verizon for the next few years and all the fans that have Verizon downloaded the mobile apps and got used to having the content available and then it was suddenly taken away because the NFL partnered with AT&T, there would be a lot of disgruntled fans. All the data that was


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