Cultural Background

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Cultural Background Paper

Natesha C. Robinson


May 5th, 2010

Leslie Hart

University of Phoenix

Cultural Background

Culture is the totality of learned, socially transmitted customs, knowledge, material objects, and behavior. It includes ideas, values, and artifacts of groups of people (Schaefer, 2006). Understanding culture can be tricky, ever ask “why do people act the way they do?”, “what made me do that”, “what was I thinking?” Physical abilities, educational background, and social background of how I was raised are important aspects of my life. The environment in which I was raised is very important aspect of my life.

I am an African American (black) female. I was brought up with both parents in the
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People care about their families and what is best for them. Violence and drugs are everywhere no matter where a person went or their living environment in which they were raised. I do not believe it would bind you if you were raised in a loving atmosphere and taught good values. I believe my parents did well by moving us to the south side that gave us an opened mind about others outside of African American decent. I am a better person today behind the decisions our parents made when we were younger. I had my share as a teenager and adult of violence and alcohol, but I did not let it take over my decision and actions as a person. I have a child and want the best for her as my parents did. When I look back on some that stayed on the eastside and faced the drugs, violence, and alcohol, some made it, and some did not. But as an adult now we know the reasoning behind the decisions my parents made. I am still in church and instill those values in my daughter today. As generations come and go if you instill the culture changes to children with an open mind without prejudice society would be much better. I do not believe there is a predominant culture in the world


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