Contribute to Children and Young Peoples Health and Safety (Cu1512)

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Contribute to children and young people’s Health and Safety

1.1 Outline the health and safety policies and procedures of your work setting.

My work setting follows the laws and standards set by the Health and Safety Act 1974:- * Ensure that the environment is safe, secure with high quality of hygiene practices for staff, children and their families and any member of the public while using the premises. * Impose a total ban of smoking in the nursery indoor/ outdoor play area. * Take responsibility to ensure the staffs are given appropriate information, instruction, training and supervision in order to comply with Health and Safety rules and procedures. * Adopt management strategies that will include
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If there is a security issue then no child would be allowed to leave the setting without proper authorisation. If there has been an unauthorised entry by someone unknown to the setting then he/she will be asked to state their purpose. They will not be allowed to walk about the building and if that is not satisfactory they will be asked to leave the premises.
With other emergencies such as a medical incident then qualified staff will administer any necessary treatment needed, management will be notified, parents or carers will be informed of the incident, and if necessary the emergency services such as the ambulance service will be called and a qualified member of staff will accompany the child if required.

4.1 Identify the signs and symptoms which may indicate that a child or young person is injured or unwell.

Some signs which may indicate that a child is injured or unwell could be that they are tearful or crying, restless, very quiet, lethargic, non-responsive, temperature might be high or even low, vomiting, diarrhoea, headaches, drowsiness, looking off colour either pale or flushed, rapid or shallow breathing. Their behaviour and character could also change slightly too. They may seem confused or disorientated. Babies may be floppy, may disliked being handled, and difficult to wake up.

4.2 Identify circumstances when children or young people may need urgent medical attention.

There are several circumstances where a child may need