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Acquisition Planning Assignment

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INSTRUCTIONS: Using the information from the SH 0-2 BSVD Program Overview, your answers to the Day 1 questions in the SH 0-1 Daily Assignment Book, knowledge gained in previous DAU courses, and the appropriate FAR/DFARs references, answer the Acquisition Planning Questions below as they pertain to the Bio-Sensor Virus Detector (BSVD) program.

This initial lesson introduces the concept of acquisition planning and the decisions that take place during the strategy-making process. Most questions elicit a thorough explanation of the rationale for the response you provide. It is important to recognize that different responses to the same question may be appropriate depending on the
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Information was provided regarding the availability of similar items in the market that have been previously purchased.

• Report 8 Para. 2 - The report states a portable biosensor has been developed but Lead Researcher, Yanbin Li, has confirmed the device cannot meet RFSAC’s needs. There is no supporting documentation or rationale provided explaining how the determination was derived or information on how the device does not meet our needs. The device was developed but is it in production and in use, if so by what type of agencies?

• The report did not address the business size of the commercial entities performing research in this field.

• Report 8 Para. 4 - It was stated that there were commercial suppliers that manufacture similar type products, but they did not meet all of the requirements. It was not addressed if these items were evaluated to determine the capability of modification to meet the Government’s requirement.

2. Competition – 4 points total

FAR Part 6

If your agency decides to limit competition for the BSVD contract, which FAR Subpart 6.3 exception is best justified in relation to the facts presented? Provide rationale for your response to


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