Chern's Case Study

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Strategic Management – C570

Chapter 1 – Identify Long/Short Term Process & Outcome Goals for Staffing
Knowing that the company has a 20% turn over in Full Time Employees and an average 15% turn over in Part Time Employees, I believe they should assess their mix of full and part time staff. It would be beneficial and potentially cost saving if the company can increase its part time staff, reduce full time staff, thus, if all things remain constant, realize a lower turnover ratio while paying less in overall benefits and compensation by changing the mix of employees. Determining the proper mix of staffing efficiently will be a key driver in the overall HR process and hiring outcome and should be a long term goal of the company
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Chern’s has had success and should maintain a philosophy of promoting and hiring from within when reasonably and feasibly possible. Doing so will aid their ability to retain top performers and enhance company performance. Whenever possible, the ability to shorten a new employees training time is preferred, and can often be achieved by hiring people with specific identified skill sets, and given that there is probably a relatively good mix of potential employees in the market that have prior retail and customer service experience, they should definitely seek qualified candidates that have the foundational aspects of the job down. Ancillary technical training for POS and Inventory Systems will always be requisite within the organization, as it is unlikely that a new hire will have any experience on their system. If a new hire has the basic skill sets of sales, customer service, technical ability, and long term goals, the company can then tailor its training and shorten the period to have an associate into a revenue producing capacity while minimizing cost. Knowing the corporation wants to continue to hire and promote from within whenever possible, it certainly stands to reason it wants to retain its talent. Knowing the company was founded on a key principle of customer service, focus needs to be on finding talent that have the interpersonal and


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