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Nguyen Quoc Khanh
BUS 103 Case 3: Amazon: One E- Store to Rule Them All.
1. In what way does Bezos’s decision to develop and deliver the Kindle show systematic and intuitive thinking?
First, Bezos has shown his intuitive thinking in the decision of unveiling Amazon Kindle, a new device that is completely outside Apple’s catalog though Amazon still sold Apple’s iPod. Furthermore, he introduced to Medias his product, it seemed like a declaration to Apple. Because Apple is a giant of technological industry, so the situation would be complex to be its competitor. However, it was the only way to make a technological evolution by Kindle. As a result, this situation required Bezos to have a quick and broad evaluation for making the decision.
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It would also provide Zappos employees with $40 million in cash and restricted stock units (Forbes).
On the other hand, Amazon is already the master of online product distribution, the advantages that Amazon figured out from Amazon is a mystery for many economists. In my opinion, there are some reasons for this matter as follows.
First, the acquisition brings the both company to the passion of customers serving, which is the innovation and a long-term view of them.
Second, it is a great opportunity for both companies to learn from each other and even create experiences for their customers.
Moreover, there is a lot of growth ahead of Zappos. It already has obsessed customer that is the key factor. In addition, the unique culture of Zappos is a significant asset for Amazon that they have known for the customers’ service. Finally yet importantly, Amazon also bought Zappos for its leadership and employees.
IV. Is Amazon positioning itself for success in international markets?
Amazon is a diversified trading company in many kinds of product and service such as books, music purchasing services, computer software, and games. In around 15 years, Amazon has grown from a one-man corporation into a global monster of e-commerce has that reached huge successes in


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