The Play Heratbreaker

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Ana analysis of the play Heartbreaker




The play Heartbreaker is a fictitious story done by Michael Golamco. It features two main characters, Vithy, who is a sixteen year old teenager and her elder sister Ra who is aged twenty two years. The play takes place in a solemn setting down in a small apartment bedroom. The room does not contain a lot of things; it is empty except for some few basic properties that make a bedroom. They events of the play take place at Long Beach in the California region. Michael Golamco has used the story in bringing out loneliness as a theme in the play and its consecutive results in the people affected by it.
The play has some points as its plot develops where the
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He collects skulls of dead old people in the hope he will have a company of her mother who passed some time ago. In his habit of not knowing how, monstrous and insane, he was, he took the skull and popped in his sisters backpack. She screams on realizing this. His defense was that, the skull begged him by saying ‘“Take me with you, ” I had to take it, Ra. Had to.’ Here he looked lonely but hides his character through showing sympathy towards the skull with claims which her sister did not approve at all.
Therefore, the play is a collection of instances that have demonstrated enough evidences through which Vuthy, one of the main characters, has portrayed. The author has succeeded in bringing out the loneliness theme in this play. Through the use of a collection of scenarios that reveal it. His seemingly increasing weird characteristic has a direct connection with the departure of her friends and his mother. Thus, these happenings have made him long for a company. He begs his elder sister, Ra, to take him with her, perhaps, he will feel a relief of the loneliness he has been experiencing.

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