My Development and Life Span

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Human development is the process of how people grow and change psychologically over the complete span of the human life; from birth to old age/death. In the past years many theorists have studied human development in five different areas such as physical, cognitive, emotional and social spiritual development. Erik Erikson is one of the most prominent theorists who identified eight stages of human development. One of the stages are identity versus role confusion; which is highlighted in the year of adolescence. Erikson also believed that every human being goes through a certain number of stages to reach his/her full development. Therefore, this essay will examine the five domains in human development namely physical, cognitive,
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I also developed the ability to read, write and draw efficiently. Perhaps each day from home to school, going to the shops, observing road signs, and reading advertisements have vastly contributed to my writing and drawing ability. Due to these improvements, I may have been able to manage my social behaviour through playing and interaction with other children. I also learned the ability of showing consideration for others, as well as respect. Hence, my cognition, emotion and social development has been largely influenced from within my environment of school.

Middle child hood is a time children develop in many ways physically, mentally, socially and emotionally (Zanden, 2007). During this time the brain has reached ninety percent of its adult size and the body continues to grow slowly. In this way, nature provides school aged children the mental ability to master challenging tasks and to learn the essential knowledge and skills vital for one’s life (Goswami, 2008). When I was in elementary school, my teacher always encouraged me to read books; and my parents bought me many books including traditional tales book. It supported me to improve my reading and language ability; as well as to think and to use words more precisely at the very young age. Moreover, playing games and sports support many aspects of children’s development, health, sense of self worth, and social skills (Fromberg & Bergen, 1998). During my school year, I


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