Unit Eymp 1 Context and Principles for Early Years Provision

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Unit EYMP 1 Context and principles for early years provision

Unit EYMP 1 Context and principles for early years provision AC: 1. 2 M

EYMP1 A2: Different approaches

Indentify four different approaches to working with children and record these in the table below. Explain how each approach has influenced current early year’s provision in the UK

Approaches to working with children and how has this influenced current early years provision in the UK?

There are four different approaches to working with children

• Reggio Emilia
• High/Scope
• Montessori
• Steiner

1. Reggio
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Exposure to different social and environmental influences contributes to the way that attitudes, values and behaviours are formed. These in turn affect their ability to make and take decisions.

Progression and development in many aspects of observation will depend upon the stage of growth, development and maturity of the individual, upon social issues and upon the community context. For that requirement other practitioners and my self will need in planning together will take account of these factors, ensuring that experiences are relevant and realistic for the child or young person in his or her circumstances. Particularly within my experiences and outcomes which span more than one level, careful planning will be required to ensure appropriate pace and coverage, and other practitioners and my self will need to decide when and how the experiences and outcomes are introduced. The planning arrangements within which local authorities, schools and teachers work must ensure that these decisions are taken in the best interests of each child and young person and take account of his or her social and personal circumstances as necessary. For that aspect I would encourage by using this …

• uses a variety of approaches including active, cooperative and peer learning and effective use of technology
• encourages and capitalises on the potential to experience learning and new challenges in the outdoor environment
• encourages children and young people to act as positive


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