The Case Study of Holt Renfrew

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Holt Renfrew Case
Analysis:Nausherwan Saleem (11020035)
Rukunuddin Aslam (11020163)
Case Summary:
1) Company Profile:
a. High-end retailer in Canada with ten stores in seven Canadian cities
b. Sells top quality, branded and private-label designer fashions as well as cosmetics
c. Owned by the Wittington Group headed by Galen Weston
d. Peak sales occurred in March/April, July/August and November/December
e. Publicity campaigns used throughout the year for promotional purposes
f. 21,500 orders a year at the company’s flagship store on Bloor Street, Toronto
g. 1000 suppliers approximately used in a year out of a total of 3000
h.500,000 SKUs out of which 50% were active at any given time
i. New introductions accounted for 40 to 50% of SKUs
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They would have to align individual business processes by developing joint strategic business plans. This would enable Holt Renfrew to better predict demand patterns and trends and hence, be able to reduce inventory in its warehouses. ii. Secondly, to facilitate the supply chain operations, there needs to be implementation of a Management Information System (MIS) throughout the supply chain by which information about each and every order can be processed, shared and tracked at every level of the supply chain using effective tracking methods such as RFID or bar coding. This would also support the flow-warehouse design of the DC, which depends on efficient information flows. It would take about 4-5 years which is the minimum time to achieve an established information management system. The warehouse expenditure should then be reassessed and optimized.
b. Short term
i. (Mezzanine Floor)
In order to cater to the problem in the short run, Tony Kelly needs to propose the expansion of the DC to include a mezzanine floor as soon as possible so that the warehouse has more space. They face a shortage of warehouse space which could lead to more stock outs if there isn’t enough space to continue operations. The proposed mezzanine floor would give them more space in the DC to operate their primary sales procedures in the short run while they sorted