Celta Cambridge Certificate

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PRE- INTERVIEW TASK 1. In each of the following sentences underline the verb or verb and identify the form/ tense used.

a) We never go to the theatre these days.
Present Simple b) We are saving up to travel abroad
Present Perfect Continuous c) We have already been to Europe.
Past Perfect d) We didn’t have enough money to go further.
Past Simple e) We had spent all our savings by the end of the summer.
Past Perfect f) We had been sleeping rough for several weeks when the weather turned colder.
Past Perfect Continuous g) This year I ‘ve been awarded a travel scholarship
Present Perfect. h) We are going to travel for six months in Australia and I’m going to
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Their learning pattern could be slow and might need constant help in their learning.

My approach towards teaching to them will be based on (learner centered) approach asking students open ended questions because students are more relatively mature and possess significant knowledge. I will also take time to clarify students in designing the learning process. I will guide them how new knowledge or skills can be applied to current problems or situation using techniques such as case studies. I will also focus the course content directly towards to the course rather theory. I will use variety of teaching materials and method in learning according to their needs.

My teaching style will be a careful balance between the presentation of new material and its applications. Adult learner is more interested in information and ideas that can be immediately applied. I will also find the right activity mix, because students are already knowledgeable and I will try to work ahead of them so that they are challenged. I will set up tasks, projects where students work with each other, delegating roles and sharing problems in groups.

c) Main difficulties in teaching a multi-lingual class

Multi-lingual students are where the learner does not speak the same native language; they speak a variety of first language. Students have travelled from other countries e.g. summer schools to