Mozart vs. Beethoven

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Mozart vs. Beethoven Paper
Mozart vs. Beethoven In the 18th century, the middle class made a lot more money. During the Classical Period, the middle class had a tremendous influence on music. They wanted to hear concertos and symphonies. They wanted their children to learn great music and play instruments. The composers began writing music that was geared towards the middle class because they could make a better living if they enjoyed the music being played. They wrote music that was easier for their students to understand and play. Serious music changed into comic operas, or popular folk tunes, and dance music. This was a good thing it shaped dance and music forever. Mozart and Beethoven were both
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During his last year, he was much more successful. He wrote an opera and a Requiem, which he never did finish. Mozart's great passion in his work can be herd and felt in various works and in his style. It is of the utmost perfection and can not be replicated. Mozart died in 1791, in Vienna at the age of just 35.
Ludwig Van Beethoven came in the later part of the Classical Period and helped bridge this period into the Romantic era. Beethoven is considered by many one of the greatest musicians to ever play and was a mere genius. His influence in music is still noticed and recognizes today and will continue to be herd, felt and recognized throughout time. Beethoven’s pieces being as dramatic and profound as they are will never be lost as time goes on. Beethoven was born in Bonn, Germany in 1770. He was born into a family of musicians. Beethoven was not the child star that Mozart was but he did accomplish many things as a youth. Beethoven played for Mozart at age sixteen. Mozart said, “Keep your eyes on him; some day he will give the world something to talk about.” When Beethoven was twenty-two he decided to leave Germany and go to Vienna, to study with Joseph Haydn. Beethoven had a very rough upbringing, because his father was an alcoholic and was a very abusive person.
Many of Beethoven's works are and were based on the horrendous experiences he had growing up. Beethoven had two brothers, they were both younger than