Module 1 Written Assignment

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Module 1 Written Assignment
Robert Collazo
Rasmussen College

What steps are required in the planning and design of this domain infrastructure? Determine the Number of Forests. This step involves determining whether one or multiple forests are required to meet the organization’s objectives. Determine the Number of Domains. This step involves determining the number of domains that are required to meet the organization’s objectives. Assign Domain Names. This step involves assigning names to each of the domains. Select the Forest Root Domain. This step involves selecting the forest root domain. Determine Domain Controller Placement. This step involves deciding where domain controller resources will be placed for each domain in each
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Permissions are combined into separate, easy-adjustable Security Roles that allow users or groups, to which they are assigned, to perform a certain set of tasks. A flexible assignment mechanism makes the distribution of permissions more granular and secure.
Adaxes enables you to automatically perform various Active Directory management tasks on a regular basis. With the help of Scheduled Tasks you can schedule a wide range of operations, including: sending e-mail notifications about account or password expiration, automatically deleting inactive users and computers from AD, synchronizing Active Directory with external data stores, dynamically updating group membership of Active Directory objects, automatically moving AD objects between OUs based on predefined rules.
What service provides the ability to store data for directory enable applications? List and detail three ways these services can be implemented in Active Directory. Active Directory Lightweight Directory Services
Multimaster replication, Support for the Active Directory Service Interfaces, Application directory partitions, LDAP over Secure Sockets Layer, network administrators can use AD LDS as a prototype or pilot environment for applications that will eventually be deployed with AD DS as its directory store, as long as the application does not depend on features specific to AD DS.
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