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Enterprise Architecture Enables Processes Paper

Introduction Enterprise Architecture is defined as the representation of all the components, processes and policies of an organization. Architecture is the process of moving a business vision and strategy into effective change, communicating the current capabilities and rethinking the principles and models that describe the future state of the company and facilitate their evolution (Fui-Hoon, Lee-Shang, and Kuang, 2001).
Enterprise Architecture is a strategic practice, which connects the relationship between business initiatives that leverage technology, to evaluate the strengths and weaknesses, and develop strategies for transformation, from the current architecture to an
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The design phase is where the system required characteristics are designed. Also, its operating environment is created and its sub systems, inputs and outputs illustrated. The managers allocate resources to processes that were identified in prior phases and issues that needs user input are documented. During this phase, the internal characteristics of the system are identified and its detailed design is produced. The subsystems identified are also used to develop a detailed system structure in order to approve the design created by the user. At this time, the managers proceed to perform an official review of the high level architectural design before developing a detailed design of the system. This guarantees the design satisfies the system requirements and also matches to the enterprise architecture and design standards which illustrate that EA supplements the design phase.
Furthermore, the enterprise architecture supplements and facilitates the development phase. In the development phase, the specifications that were identified during the internal design are transformed to executable software or conceptual systems. Then the software is united tested and integrated for it is tested again to identify any weaknesses while the hardware is assembled and tested. The software and hardware are tested to determine if the change requests approved are in sequence with the


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