Case Study Analysis

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Katrina Saverin
Grand Canyon University: LDR 600
Case Study Analysis

In reading the first article Coach Knight: The Will to Win, I found the article found Coach Knight to be very offensive and mean to his players. Coach Knight did not display good leadership skills. According to the article, Coach Knight’s drive and passion for excellence was not always received as well as his record of wins and losses Snook, Per low, Delacey, 2005).
Knight new the basketball game, but he lacked in leadership skills, his approach to his player was harsh and unkind. When you are leading a team or the fore runner of an organization you must lead by example, respect your staff, communicate, and treat others’ the way you want to be
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In looking at Blake and Mouton’s Grid, Bill Knight is an Authority- Obedience Manager; he focused strictly on the efficiency of task and operations. Bill Knight was a high disciplinarian who was about the business and making sure everything was in order and ran the way he wanted it to. I believe both of these coaches had their own way and style of doing things differently, but they both want the teams to succeed and keep order throughout the game, matched his situation. His attitude toward his career and his player has ended his success.
Fiedler’s Contingency Model Bill Knight displayed more of a manager’s role and not a leader’s role. He was not an effective leader. Bill Knight did not inspire his players, he dictated to his players. There was no motivation taking place. The managers is responsible for making sure the organization is running smoothing and the employees are on task. The goals and vision are the focused point without causing home to the team or the organization, but Bill Knight did not do this. Mr. Krzyzewski displayed Blanchard’s situational model on leadership. He was a great leader. He encourgaed his player, he motivated them, he engaged, uplifted them. He treated them fair and with respect. He directed, coached, supported and delegated this matched his situation. Mr. Krzyzewski leadership has


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