Mexican Drug War

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The Mexican Drug War
By: Blake Cohen

INR2002 – Spring 2013
Jeff Hernden
Word Count: 3800
Date: 4/22/13

In 2006, Mexico began to crack down on drug trafficking operations in union with the United States. Why all of the sudden? In regard to that question, my paper will include a history of events leading up to this sudden crack down on drug trafficking, from its start in the 1960’s until today. After the history of the drug war, I will discuss the main states involved like the United States and Mexico itself. Along with their main goal of eliminating drug trafficking all together, although it is a very high expectation. Mexico has sent out 50,000 soldiers that are being paid less than a burrito vendor, in attempt to lessen the
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The border between Mexico and the United States is about 2,000 miles, and they have so many trade agreements. The United States is concerned about the possibility of the outrageous violence coming into their borders and throughout the country. More on drug trafficking itself, these drug trafficking organizations have operated for more than a century. These DTOs distribute and supply to many countries throughout the world. Like all other legal businesses, they are similar in the ways they bring their product to market to maximize their profits. Among the many states the Mexican DTOs supply to, they are the major distributor of illegal drugs into the United States and they are increasing control of gangs in the United States. Although less violent than the gangs in Mexico, they have been established in more than 1,000 United States cities. Today the top Mexican DTOs are polydrug or supplying other drugs although they specialize in one specific product. Mexico is the biggest supplier and producer of heroin, methamphetamine, and marijuana to the United States, in addition to the major transit for cocaine sales. According to the United States Department’s 2013


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