Rhetorical Analysis Always Like A Girl

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Jaelyn Romo
English 111G
Prof. Manley

Always “Like a Girl” commercial was not only a hit in the media world, but a hit to the hearts of many women across the nation. In this commercial Always attempts to reach out and inform Americans of the damage caused to a female’s confidence when they do finally hit that age in their lives where insecurities begin to exist. Positively using their credibility and reputation to target a worldwide issue among woman so that it gains enough awareness to hopefully get fixed. Women working their whole lives to break society’s doubt so that they aren’t classified under another demeaning stereotype when asked, “What does it mean to do something ‘Like a Girl?’’’.
“Show me what it looks
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With this stereotype, most women find fear in attempting to perform to their full potential, not only because they’re afraid of getting ridiculed, but because in today’s society, no matter if a women were to perform to her fullest extent, it’s unacceptable because of being a girl. Society doesn’t realize how much this diminishes a girl’s confidence only because it’s established as somewhat being okay to do so. “A girls’ confidence plummets during puberty”. Greenfield provides this statement effectively, so that when woman all around the world read this, they can sit back and think to themselves that it is true. The ability this commercial has to engage and relate to whomever watches it (women of course), is its reasoning all on its own. The experiences that women have went through, or situations that haunt the back of their minds are the fuel to the fire of this very simple statement. The vast amount of similar situations that woman have gone through when puberty hits, THAT is what supports her reasoning. She allows the audience to supply their own real life situations and experiences that have occurred to support her.
Confusion, realization, inspiration, determination, in that order. It’s not only the use of young kids and male and female adults that make this commercial hit home, but the sight of their true, unrehearsed reactions that can really trigger the


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