Vulliamy essay 2

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Iridian Lozano
English 1302.19
Dr. Rathbun
21 October 2014
For Kudos and Other Reasons
I partially agree with the author of “Killing for Kudos” because on one hand, I agree that the violence in Mexico is absurd but on the other hand I disagree that there is no reason for the violence. I have family in Mexico and I am aware of the violence that is happening right on my back yard. All the violent massacres, I believe are uncalled for, but the cartels see it as a necessity in order to get a hold of territory. The ways they do their killings have gone too far and it’s disgusting how they consider it an entertainment.
The article “Killing for Kudos – the brutal face of Mexico’s 21st Century war” by Ed Vulliamy reports the violence, massacres
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The smuggling routes for their products to get to their best client are most important. They need the towns closest to the border but with so much competition between them, the violence breaks out. The want for more power and control has extended to the extortion of local businesses. The local businesses are threatened to provide a quota as another means of extra income otherwise they or family members are killed. Now, it has gotten out of control and at first glance we would not recognize the real reason why it all started.
Drugs and greed have existed for a very long time, all over the world, without having to escalate to the way Mexican cartels have. The cartels have gone too far with ridiculing the people they kill. It is treated as some sort of entertainment. In no way had any kind of war, ever been like this; it is disgusting and grotesque as Vulliamy put it. For example, I know little of the Mafia in Chicago, Illinois but decapitating people and parading it in public were not how they did their drug dealings and illegal activities. They were more secretive or dealt with their problems a lot less brazen. The cartels published YouTube videos of the beheadings and dismembering only prove how sick they have become. If they found it entertaining then I am concerned how the younger kids will react. Unfortunately, in Mexico there is a lack of decent jobs and teachers to educate the young kids who join the