Persuasive Essay for Drug Legalization

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Drugs are a major influential force in our country today. The problem has gotten so out of hand that many people are even considering legalization of one of the most used drugs, marijuana. The legalization of marijuana is a controversial issue that has been fought for and against for several decades. Marijuana is defined as a preparation made from the dried flower clusters and leaves of the cannabis plant, which is usually smoked or eaten to induce euphoria and to heal and soothe. (

The first benefit to the legalization of marijuana would be the decreased spending on law enforcement. Many of America’s jails are filled to the brim with people who got long and unfair sentences for possession of the drug. Part of the
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For these reasons, marijuana has already become legal medically in states like Arizona and California. Medical marijuana, still a hot debate topic, also shows many promising medicinal outlooks. It has been demonstrated to be a safe, non-toxic medicine by many studies, useful in the treatment of our most disabling medical conditions. This includes multiple sclerosis, AIDS, glaucoma, chronic pain, amongst others.

Sufferers of bipolar disorder as well as scientists have independently made the discovery that marijuana can improve this disorder. It also may reduce the side effects of many other drugs used to treat this disease. They include Lithium, Carbamazepine (tegretol), or Valproute (Deplakote). Also, thirty to forty percent of patients with bipolar disorder cannot consistently be helped or able to tolerate these standard medications, however, marijuana has been proven to help consistently. Marijuana helps the terminally ill lead better lives. Smoked marijuana provides rapid relief from great suffering to some patients going through chemotherapy treatment. AIDS patients have also found it useful in helping remove so symptoms of the syndrome. This helps maintain their dignity and suffering as well as improve heir mental outlook.

Marijuana, if legalized, can provide patients with a quality drug to