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Danny Mendoza 3/5/13
English 14 Prof. Mareneck
Informative Speech
Joaquín Guzmán Loera
Thesis Statement: How Joaquín Guzmán Loera became a mythical figure in Mexico, both a narco folk hero and a villain
Main Points:
His beginnings/ Birth
Rise to Power/ Control of the Sinaloa Cartel
Legend of “El Chapo”

• Born on April 4, 1957, to a poor family in the rural town of La Tuna Badiraguato, his abusive father kicked him out of the house as a child. He started swelling oranges to feed himself. He's poorly educated, his formal education ended in third grade, and as an adult, he has reportedly struggled to read and write, prevailing upon a ghostwriter, at one
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• Has become a popular subject of "Narcocorridos," — pop songs about drug traffickers — and has gained an almost mythical status in Mexico, where he has been compared to Elvis and Osama bin Laden. One song, by Los Buitres (The Vultures), describes his life as a fugitive: "He sleeps at times in homes/ At times in tents/ Radio and rifle at the foot/ Of the bed/ Sometimes his roof is a cave/ Guzman does seem to be everywhere."

• Rumored to have entered a restaurant in Culiacan in 2007 with a posse of 10 bodyguards who promptly confiscated every single patron's cellphone so he could safely eat his favorite meal — steak — without fear of an ambush. Upon leaving, Guzman paid for everyone's meal, and each cellphone was returned to its proper owner.

• Reportedly married his third wife, Emma, in 2007 on the day of her 18th birthday in a wedding attended by hundreds of people, including local politicians and police.

• Turf wars in May 2008 led to the shooting death of his son, Edgar, who was gunned down by rival traffickers outside of a shopping mall just a month after being released from prison. Currently battling two rival groups — the Juarez Cartel and the Beltran Leyva brothers, who had served as long-trusted aides until they severed ties with Guzman in early 2008.

• Nearly captured in a Nov. 2005 raid at his rural stronghold in the


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