Methods of Evangelism

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By Mark Rohaley
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Liberty University
Evangelism 101-B18 LUO
Professor Billingsley

Intellectual Method-The Four Spiritual Laws
There are many methods to share the good news Of Jesus Christ-Yeshua Messiah and I believe we must use more than a few to reach strangers and friends or family. As the Word says, “and he that winneth souls is wise” (Proverbs 11:30 KJV). As an intellectual method I prefer the ‘The Four Spiritual Laws’ method from author Bill Bright and Campus Crusade Ministries. Although I find this method almost exact to the ‘The Roman Road’ method. There are laws that govern our physical universe and laws
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Our approach to folks is of utmost importance. I do see an advantage in this method if you do have the tract itself, simply because a picture tells a thousand words. The pictures enhance the meanings by showing the images of the ‘Four Steps’ so the hearer can see. Another advantage is it is simple and a rather quick method if the time you have is limited.
Rational Method-Lifestyle Evangelism I like the idea of first being able to love someone through various ways and conditions. This kind of lifestyle shows the unbeliever that you are loving and caring about them and in my opinion and it opens that door a little bit wider to their heart. When they see your good works it will help them to give glory to God. When we live out our life as Messiah being Lord, the world around us can see there is something very special about us. In my life I have had many bosses and fellow employees, even after years of not saying a word, finally say things like; you really do love God…or Jesus has made a difference in your life and I see it…or I know just from working with you that you love Jesus, could you tell me about Him please? When these people say these things it is a wonderful feeling to know that Father has let us in to share His glory! I really love how the author of our book put it; “Secularized people are rarely reached through an initial encounter with the gospel and rarely through proclamation of the gospel alone. They have to see Jesus in us


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