The Facilities Maintenance Problem at Midwest University

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Table of Contents 1.0 Case Summary: 2 1.1 Questions 3 1.2 Recommendations. 8 1.3 Conclusion. 12 1.4 Islamic perspective of Operations Management. 13 Works Cited 13

1.0 Case Summary:
‘James Song, Ph.D. founded the International Evangelical Association in 1983 with the purpose of furthering international evangelism, world missions, and Christian education as emphasized in the Great Commission of Jesus Christ in Matthew 28 :18-20.
In June 1986, Midwest University was founded, with Dr. Song as its first president. Midwest University (formerly Midwest College and Theological Seminary) began academic educational programs designed to equip persons called by Christ to serve in churches, mission fields, and Christian universities as well as
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Besides applying the decentralized organization, Allen should also apply the cross-functional work teams. A cross-functional team is a group of people with different functional expertise working towards achieving a common goal.
Allen is the team leader but if he gives orders for his staff to attend to a problem received from a customer and at the same time his maintenance staff found some issues or anything which he is not convinced within his job, he can take the decision to stop until this problem is solved. Simply put, every expert is the leader or the manager of the whole operation when there is a problem related to his specialty.
Therefore, we would structure the facilities maintenance organization at Midwest University by applying the decentralized and cross functional work team in order to improve the efficiency of the facilities organization at Midwest University.
Thus the organisational structure has to be completely organic structure meaning that it has no official power line of authority except for Sean as the head of the department. Team leaders are considered as gurus who are not having a dictatorial position.

Q2.What can Sean Allen do to alleviate the problem of excessive travel time for work crews?
Sean Allen can make individual group for different kind


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