Social Structure Theory

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Social Structure Theory
Holly Barnes
August 30, 2015
Professor Chris Rosbough

There are several theories created by many thinkers of our time that believes that societal, financial, and social arrangements and/or structures as the main cause of criminal behavior. In society, depending on where you are, there are usually some unwritten norms that are expected to be followed. It can be in a business corporation, out in the streets, at home. Usually there will be two sets of norms that is expected to be followed that causes an individual to feel torn. However, the feeling of being torn is the inner battle of doing the right thing, conscience or keeping yourself alive. The video, “Tent City, Arizona” was chosen to be watched
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Shaun Gabbidon basically described the Concentric Zone Theory as several different zones where zone one would be the center hub where all the activities are going on, zone two is considered the zone in transition which is problematic where people are coming in and out and it will work it’s way up to zone five which is called the commuter zone where people are not exposed to much crimes. As Shaun Gabbidon (2011), states in his lecture, “You constantly have people coming into this unfamiliar environment, adjusting to this area, coming into conflict with different people with different values, so partially what they found was racial heterogeneity was the key aspect to it. When you have one group come in and they have a different background than another group, you have problems in terms of people adjusting, and that adjusting also leads people to engaging in crime.” In the video, it is very clear of the zones where Tent City is clearly zone 1 where all the prisoners are interacting and mostly involved in the contraband trading with all the problems such as riotings, fights and killing each other. This is where all the criminal behavior occurs. This can be difficult especially with Ryan who just wanted to serve his time and go home, that was made difficult when he was expected to be associated with certain race groups but tried to stay out of the contraband game. I would consider zone two where the


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