The Basement Types; interpreted

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Amanda DeFrehn
Professor T.J. Boynton
English 201
1 April 2014 In the book, The Old Weird America, the author, Greil Marcus, interprets Bob Dylan’s album, The Basement Tapes, and its “weird” views on the old America. Marcus compares Dylan’s music to several well-known people’s music and speeches in such a way to support his argument about how past historical events affected the public eye. He believes that the mood, instrumentation, and not as noticeably, the lyrics all lead up to the fear, wonder, and curiosity for when Judgment Day will arrive. He portrays the album as an America where the puritans were against the pioneers, suggesting the Puritans settled the land where they were free to practice religion while pioneers settled
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Their relationship seems to have ended dramatically, which is why in turn he is questioning her response to seeing him again. The character also realizes that his relationship with Bessie was the best thing he has ever been a part of. “Now in my day I’ve made some foolish moves…but back then I didn’t worry ‘bout a thing”, the man wants Bessie to understand him and to explain that he realizes what a fool he has made of himself in the past, even though he wasn’t worried about his actions in the past. All the while, he is still unsure about the attraction he had to her, “Was it her sweet love or the way she could sing”, but there must be some quality that she possesses to make him go back for a second chance. In “Odds and Ends”, the character is tired of being walked on and used. He is telling this woman he is over the relationship and he is pissed off by the way she treated him. He is tired of her breaking promises, where he says, “You promised to love me but what do I see?” Instead of the character being depressed and a loner, he tells the woman he is ready to move on and is no longer willing to waste any more time on her, considering she is always, “spilling juice on me like you got someplace to go”, therefore spilling juice on him pertains to disabling him to go out with her, making him feel as if she only wants him around when he is


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