Election and Public Opinion

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Ch. 5
1. Political Party: group of individuals who seek to control government through winning elections.
2. Plurality: the largest number of votes cast for the office
3. Incumbent: current officeholder
4. Splinter Parties: those individuals who have split away from one of the major parties
5. Major Parties: American Politics, Republican and Democratic parties
6. Bipartisan: two major parties find common ground, in this endeavor.
7. Electorate: the people eligible to vote.
8. Precinct: smallest unit of election administration; the voters in each precinct report to one polling area.
9. Partisanship: secure commitment to a political party is the source for government action.
10. Pluralistic Society: contains of several diverse
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16. What is the overall purpose and importance of election law in the American political process?
-The overall purpose is that all people have an equal chance to participate in the political process equally.
20. Describe recent technological advances and changes that make it easier for Americans to vote.
- Major technological advancements that have affected musical performances include the Compact Disc, the television, and most of all, the radio.
21. Briefly describe the role and importance of money in the election process.
-Financial donations to a candidate's campaign allow the campaign to purchase advertising, signs, and to travel for campaigning.
22. (a) Identify five types of private donors to political campaigns. (b) Why might these individuals and groups wish to contribute money to political candidates?
-Donors to political campaigns are PACs, 527's, parties, interest groups, and private citizens. ACs work by raising money from people employed by a corporation or in a trade union. These are called "connected PACs" and they rarely ask for donations from the general public although legally they are free to do so.
23. Outline the limitation placed on individual and PAC contributions to the federal candidate and political parties.
-No person can give more than $2,100 to any federal


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