Child Developement Milestones 0-19 Years

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Child Development Milestones
Child Development Milestones
Age | Physical Development | Communication and intellectual development | Social, emotional and behavioural development. | 0-3 months | * Feeding 5-8 times a day * Sleeping 20 hours a day * Makes basic distinctions within the first month in the sensory capacities; vision, hearing, smelling, tasting, touch, temperature and pain. * Visual exploration and colour perception develops further into months 2 and 3. * Muscle control is developed; control of eye movement, kicking legs and the ability to lift head whilst on stomach. | * Initial form of communication is crying; different form of crying for their needs. * Oral exploration is developed into months 2-3 with
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* Still remains fearful of strangers. * Emotions are very highly changeable; will flit very quickly from happy to sad to angry and so on. | 3-5 years | * Around the age of 3 * Run around obstacles and balance on one foot. * Throw and catch a ball; kick large balls. * Stand and walk on tiptoe * Dress and undress self * Most will have reached toilet training. * Climb on paly equipment * Eat with a fork and spoon. * Ride a tricycle * Between 4-5 * Climb ladders and able to push self on a swing. * Walk backwards; hop and jump; run on tiptoe * Use safety scissors and cut a straight line. * Drawing is improved can draw a person, write many letters; own name. * Most should be nearly fully toilet trained; possible accidents at night time. * Can fully feed themselves and being to use knife and fork correctly. * Dress and undress with no assistance. | * Around the age of 3 * Can say up to 100 words but not all are clear. * Follow simple instructions and let people know what they want. * Ask question about many things going on in their life ‘where’, ‘what’, ‘why’. * Enjoy listening to stories, often asking for their favourite over and over. * Between 4-5 * Speech becomes a lot clearer and they are able to talk in complex sentences. * A sense of humour is developed and they enjoy jokes and ‘rude’ things. * Able to repeat or sing a few nursery rhymes. * Tell their own stories, some which are partly fact and


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