Marketing Strategy of Kfc

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This report focus on KFC marketing strategies, its marketing environment , demographicfactor ,marketing factors. We designed a report to provide a brief description about itsmarketing mix & its major competitors in Pakistan. We also discuss four P’s of marketing & their marketing tools.In addition to it, this report includes a research base survey on KFC. We all have triedour level best to fulfill all the requirements mentioned to us. Now its depend upon thereader to read it carefully and understand what we want to communicate. This report provides a brief knowledge about KFC in Pakistan.
In the name of Allah, the most beneficent & the Merciful.Firstly, we all likely to thank mighty Allah who provides us
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b) Products of KFC
KFC have three main product lines. The burgers, chicken meals and thesnacks. The category of chicken is relatively static.
c) Burgers The category of burgers is1.Zinger 2.Chicken Burger 3.Zinger Xtreme4.Fish Zinger 5.SUB (60,80)6.*Col. Filled Burger
d) Snacks
Snack family has been various products.1.Arabic Rice2.Fruit Salad3.*Corn on the cob4.*Scoop of Walls5.Fries6.HOT SHOTS7.Rice Spice(*) These items are not available at a few restaurants.
e) Chicken Meals
Chicken meals include the different combinations of fried drum sticks.

Different and better taste

Hot and Spicy version of chicken

Superior Quality
There are certain forces, inside and outside an organization that affect marketingmanagement’s ability to build and maintain successful relationships with targetcustomers. Like all other companies, KFC also has such forces around it; marketingenvironment is made up of Micro environment and Macro environment.
a)The Micro environmental Forces
This environment includes the factors that are close to the company and arecontollable by the organization. These factors are:-CompanyKFC is the multinational company that has chain of fast food restaurants all over theworld. In Pakistan it has 40 outlets out of which, 22 are based in Lahore, 19 are inKarachi and the remaining 8 are located in the other cities of Pakistan. KFC isgrowing rapidly, by having their strong relationship with their customers and


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