The Case for Open Heart Surgery at Cabarrus

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The Case for Open Heart Surgery at Cabarrus Memorial Hospital
Terry Brown
Strayer University
Health Services Administration
HSA 599
Dr. Donna Leveque
November 17, 2012
This report will discuss the ways an open heart surgical program does or does not comply with Cabarrus Memorial Hospital’s (CMH) mission. It will analyze whether or not CMH has the infrastructure and financial resources/leverage to add this program. This report will describe the competitive situation among other hospitals that will impact the hospital’s decision. This report will further describe the changes necessary in the service area to accommodate the
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810). The predication for patient with diagnosis of coronary artery disease was to grow to over 38 percent within ten years. The research founded on North Carolina had 16 open heart surgery programs, offered in 11 countries; however none of these servicing CMH patients. The hospital accommodating CMH patients was Carolina Medical Center. The estimated travel for patient to receive cardiac surgical care was over 2 hours travel. They concluded that approximately 40 percent of CMH cardiac catheterization was currently being seen by Duke Hospital. Their relationship with Duke would remain intact as they would still refer patients that required specialized care to Duke. Financial considerations One of the challenges facing CMH decision would be the financial aspect of it. An overall projected cost of such a project would cost over $3million dollars. One of the ways to provide this would be underwriting the costs; this would save the hospital loan expenses. In one year, the direct cost for an open heart surgery was estimated to be over $ 2million dollars in the first year. However each year the hospital would be able to make revenue from these cases. The length of stay for an open heart surgery was estimated to be nine days. The “average open heart surgery fees per case


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