Underage Drinking Research Paper

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Underage Drinking

Alcoholic beverages have been used to celebrate mostly important events through history, from the Caesars celebrating victories to the end of business negotiations. They are also often used as party starters and nerves inhibitors on parties. But sometimes people don’t understand the side effects and keep consuming big quantities of them. Excessive use of alcohol leads to number of fatal consequences such as cirrhosis and drunk driving and also some post-day consequences such as vomit, headaches and fever. And this practice has been a very popular activity on teenagers who are entering their junior or senior year on high school, and since then it has been one of the major problems in every part of the world including
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There are other kinds of behavior created by alcohol consumption that lead the consumer to get in trouble. Some of this behavior is sexual assault and rape; it is known that almost on all the cases a drunken person was involved. Also they gain an aggressive behavior that causes persons to damage property.
Attending a college party is similar to attending an “all you can drink” bar. There are always huge quantities of beer and other kind of spirits. The guests of the party tend to drink until they get completely wasted. Some of them drink until they puke, which is their word to say vomit, and start doing ridiculous act. This people are considered like the clown of the party. “High-school softball player Laura Smith hoped to play on a varsity team in college, and like thousands of other athletes, she visited various schools during her senior year. But during a visit last March to California State University at Chico, the 17-year-old's college career almost ended before it started. While attending a party hosted by team members, Smith (not her real name) became unresponsive after heavy drinking. Luckily, someone called 911. At 1 a.m., paramedics rushed her to a hospital to be treated for alcohol poisoning” (Mantel).
People have to take actions to stop or at least reduce this problem that is attacking teenagers all around the world. Some persons say that increasing the drinking age can be the solution to this problem. But, does


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