Egypt Economy

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Egypt’s economic policy during 2004-2008 is best described as a command economy due to the government’s involvement in the process of reforming economic policies that were hindering the country ability to grow economically. The government’s involvement did help boost the growth rate by liberalizing trade. Egypt reduced the tariffs, tax cuts, deregulation, and made changes in investment regulations to fuel their economic growth. Eventually, with these changes Egypt saw great economic growth. Big name companies like Oracle and Microsoft built new office buildings and construction could be seen throughout the country. The reformed economic policies definitely helped boost Egypt’s growth rate as it provided more jobs and allowed outside …show more content…

• The fetches binary coded instructions from memory, decodes the instructions into a series of simple actions and carries out these actions in a sequence of steps.

• The CPU also contains an address counter or instruction pointer register, which holds the address of the next instruction or data item to be fetched from memory.


• The address bus consists of 16, 20, 24 or 32 parallel signal lines.

• On these lines the CPU sends out the address of the memory location that is to be written to or read from.

• The no of memory location that the CPU can address is determined by the number of address lines.

• If the CPU has N address lines, then it can directly address 2N memory locations i.e. CPU with 16 address lines can address 216 or 65536 memory locations.


• The data bus consists of 8, 16 or 32 parallel signal lines.

• The data bus lines are bi-directional.

• This means that the CPU can read data in from memory or it can send data out to memory

• The control bus consists of 4 to 10 parallel signal lines.

• The CPU sends out signals on the control bus to enable the output of addressed memory devices or port devices.

• Typical control bus signals are Memory Read, Memory Write, I/O Read and I/O Write.



Figure: Microprocessor Based System with Bus Architecture.

• The Microprocessor is divided


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