Marketing Plan for Virgin Media

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Marketing Plan of Virgin Media

1. Terms of reference
This report describes the marketing plan for Virgin Media a major player in the Digital television market in UK. Virgin Media (formerly NTL Incorporated) is an UK-based entertainment and communications company. In February 2007, the company’s name was changed from NTL Incorporated to Virgin Media. It provides television, broadband, fixed line telephone and mobile telephone services in the UK. VirginMedia uses cable technology for their network and a set top box (STB) is used by the customer. Their new product called Video On Demand (VOD) is the only platform that can access BBC iPlayer. The digital recorders that
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UK has a lot of foreign expatriates and to stay in the competition Virgin Media has to offer what the customers require. 4.1.4. Technological factors
Virgin TV brands its High-definition Television (HDTV) and Digital Video Recorder (DVR) service as V+. Virgin media was the first broadcaster to offer HDTV even months before its nearest competitor Sky Digital. With its advanced technology in DVR systems V+ can record 2 channels while they view a third channel compared to the DVR systems of Sky digital which supports only two tuners. Also Virgin media is the largest provider of video on demand through which viewers can watch programmes through online streaming through servers at the customer’s head end. Fig 1.2 HD TV Households in Western Europe
Source: Business Insights
4.2. Micro environment
“The Microenvironment consists of factors close to the social marketing program that can affect campaign resources, service quality and our ability to influence and respond to target audience” (Kotler et al 2002) 4.2.1. Market
A report by Ofcom in 2006 stated that UK has the highest digital television penetration rate in the world. The new report suggests that a survey conducted in the second quarter of 2009, three months to the end of June, show that the take up of digital televisions in the UK has increased to 89.8%, an increase of 0.6% in comparison to the first quarter results and also an increase of 1.9% year on


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