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Discuss what is meant by the term “customer orientation”. Illustrate with examples how companies demonstrate their customer orientation by reference to at least two elements of the marketing mix.
BA(Hons) Business and Management
Dr. Clair May Seminar group: I
Marvin Taria (14474868)
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This essay will start to explore and define the meaning of customer orientation in depth. The marketing concept and the marketing mix will help discover after what it means to be a customer focused firm. This will occur through the scrutiny of the term in respect to product, price, place and promotion.
To define customer orientation in respect to the philosophy underlying The Marketing Concept (May, 2014) is to
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It is more of a manufacturing concept because it deals with the raw materials transforming into the core product in comparison with customer orientation where subway orders all the ingredients in to make the product to give the customers their options, a company such as Smirnoff (BOBOBLUM, 2008) is all about how the drinks method of purifying improved though the infusion of flavours and filtering through charcoal, the product is purified more and made stronger thus enhanced, they assume this is what the customer wants, resulting in increasing volume of sales (Gannon, 2014) profiting due to sales increase and profit.
The Marketing Mix is a fundamental concept in marketing, consisting of the key factors that are crucial marketing tools for decision making. (Jobber and Chadwick, 2013) The four key areas of any business whether it’s being a sole trader or a private limited company are: Product, Price, Place and Promotion. As the title states every business has a different mix of these four primary marketing ingredients as every business has different goals and objectives. As previously mentioned the focus of the companies’ orientation can affect the strategy, the process and the objectives and goals that a company wants to achieve. Every mix has its own way of achieving customer satisfaction. As the four key areas within themselves have mixes as well. (khan, 2014) the importance of the knowledge that the blend of all four areas is necessary for a


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