African Cultures Essay

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African Cultures

Africa has more than 800 languages native to its continent. African cultures are so diverse that they are different from any other culture of the world. African cultures contain many different languages. African languages range from common French to languages unheard of to most people such as Swahili. African arts are much different than American arts. Their art involves much more creative pottery, masks, and paintings. Africa has a very interesting culture. Reasons being the people are very creative and like to express their individuality. The most diverse cultures in the world belong to Africa.
There are more than 800 languages spoken in the continent of Africa. Most Africans speak two or three languages, their
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Some villages make masks with full costumes and use them with music to dance in ritual performances. They used masks for social control, education of the youth, to enhance success, and for entertainment. These masks are "traditional" because they have been made in the same basic styles for generations, even centuries (African Arts). McDonnell 4
Clay pots, which are fired with wood and grass, have always had the practical uses of being cooking pots, cups, and plates. The pots are beautifully decorated using red soil and graphite. Some types of pots used were tshidudu, which was used for cooking vegetables, khali, which was used to keep water and beer in, tshidzhomela, which was used to drink out of like a cup, ndilo, which was plate-like for eating purposes, khavho, which had a handle and was also used for drinking purposes, and nkho, which never moved. Nkho was dug into the ground to store beer and water and keep it cool (African Arts Information). There are many reasons that African cultures are different than all other cultures of the world. They have many odd superstitions, dances and ceremonies that are not practiced in America, and they favor body modifications very much (Reader 321). Africans have superstitions that to Americans are considered ridiculous, but taken very seriously to the Africans. I will give you some examples of their superstitions. If one eats in the dark, one is eating with the devil. To sweep


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