Looking Back on Little Bee

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In a global city such as London, one might expect to find a variety of people from many distinct cultures and backgrounds. The extent to which this is true, however, can only be realized when immersed in the sights and sounds of multiculturalism for the first time. This is something I personally hope to encounter in December, but experienced from the perspective of a young Nigerian girl in Little Bee, by Chris Cleave, this awareness is magnified and even takes on a life of its own. Culture is a huge aspect of this novel, and the issues that accompany it, along with other themes, create a world revolving not only around immigration and cross-cultural differences, but love and the length to which one family will go to save a girl who was …show more content…

Sarah, as a protagonist on the issue, begins to collect her late husband’s efforts at a book on the oil war and its victims, an attempt at shedding light and righting some of the unfairness of the whole situation by making it more public. In this case, immigration control in Britain has turned into something very race oriented, yet misdirected. Social change comes out of this when Sarah (and others like her) work to redirect thought from simply deporting these people because of their race, to delving deeper into the issues that made them leave their homes in the first place. Sarah never would have continued Andrew’s book endeavor if it hadn’t been for the deep connection formed between her, Charlie, and Little Bee. This novel is a prime example of an unconventional family, from the affair and suicide to taking into one’s home an illegal immigrant and a married man simultaneously. The need Little Bee feels to help Sarah cope-with becoming a single parent and losing her husband, and the reciprocated protection Sarah gives to Little Bee show love knows no bounds. The theme of family within the novel gives both positives and negatives. Although Little Bee is an orphan, Charlie has lost his dad, and Lawrence has left his wife and three children, they are all working


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