Animals and Its Beneficial Uses to Man

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ANIMALS AND ITS BENEFICIAL USES TO MAN. 1. DOGSIt’s been proven that owning a dog can help you feel more relaxed, lessen medical visits, and even prevent heart attacks. It seems owners have created a tight-knit bond with dogs, sometimes referring to them as “part of the family”. So… really thinking about it, dogs are actually human’s best friend.Dogs are social creatures too just like us; they love to play and socialize. Sometimes, they may steal a treat off the table when we turn our backs, but I think we can let that slide as a repayment for their steadfast loyalty, love and non-judgment (especially when the sink is piled with dishes). | 2. WATER BUFFALO Bubalus bubalis or carabao is like a sort of like a four-legged, …show more content…

In the meantime, the Harvard Men's Health Watch says that the American Heart Association's recommendation to eat two servings of fatty fish per week is a healthy move for most middle-aged and older men

7. SWINE (Pigs)Pigs are often called dirty and stupid animals, but they are smarter than dogs. The pig ranks No. 4 as the easiest animal to train. The pig is actually a clean animal and not dirty at all. They divide their pen like humans do their house. The pig sleeps in one area, excretes waste in another area and eats in yet another area. The pig has no sweat glands, which means it likes to lay in cool places to keep its body temperature down.

You can train a pig to hunt, dance, shower, pull things, fetch and even sniff out land mines and wild truffles. Pigs are the closest relative to man in the animal chain after the ape. Like man, the pig is the only other mammal that voluntarily drinks distilled alcohol. All parts of a slaughtered pig are useful. Some brush bristles come from pig hair. Insulin and antibiotics use pig blood and bones. Severe burn victims can benefit from pig skin, and pig's eyes can be transplanted into humans. For decades, pig valves have helped heart patients live longer lives with transplants. 8. TURTLE -Turtles or tortoises have either a hard shell or a soft shell. Turtles are aquatic animals that spend the majority of


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