Julio Caesar

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| | Yenisleidys Duarte Professor Reagan SmithHumanities – Greek and RomanOctober 20, 2012Essay #3 | | | 5. Who is the protagonist in the play? Is it Caesar, who dies well before the end but whose power and name continue on? Or is it Brutus, the noble man who falls because of his tragic flaws? | | |

Literary scholars have debated for centuries about the question of who exactly is the protagonist of the William Shakespeare’s play called “The Tragedy of Julius Caesar.” The seemingly simple answer to this question would be Julius Caesar himself, after all, the play is named after him and all the events of the play relate to him. However, Caesar only appears in three scenes (four if the ghost is included), thus
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Caesar was not a main factor in Brutus' suicide, only an unresolved conflict. Adding more to the issue, as the town people intended to capture the emotions of the moment, they forgotten about Caesar, Brutus, and even Antony in their rage. During the battles between the Conspirators and Antony, Brutus had the audience's sympathy. Once again, Caesar is at the back of their thoughts, and kept on being unimportant in the unfolding of the coming events.
Marcus Brutus is the protagonist of the play. He is the character that the audience felt for, wanted to win, and pitied. Once Caesar's pompous and classless attitude is understood thoughtfully, he is labeled as the antagonist, and therefore, wanted to be dead. In every aspect of the play earlier mentioned, Brutus is the driving force of nearly everything that occurs. Caesar is but an after-thought that could be looked at as part of the inciting action, and nothing more. Brutus is, by all means, the dominating force in the play from the beginning to the very end.
He changed throughout the play, before he served a king he was very loyal to, he noted that Caesar was a dear friends of his. But because dedication to their country was of higher priority to the Romans than their relationships, he immediately joined the horrible act of killing king Caesar. He was made out to be a great leader and hero, but was driven to commit the worst crime of all. After this


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