Life and American Literature

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Ana Sarabando
AML2000-American Literature
Professor Gibson
Individual Work-Week #12
At this point, you have read works in five genres: speeches, essays, poetry, short stories, and drama, plus you have explored the additional genre of science fiction. You have also discussed the works of nearly twenty authors and have examined the historical eras and events that influenced their works. 1. Write a reflective essay of 250 words (one page) about your experience studying American literature this term. 2. Important: Your paper must have a well-developed introduction, body, and conclusion. * Include at least two of the works from the entire term. * Which works have had the greatest impact upon you? * Which of the
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We encounter many different people throughout our life path, some deceiving and some truthful. As far from my past experiences, I've learned to continue being myself, and that no matter the situation we go through, family is and will always be there to support you and help you in any type of way. Be able to learn from your mistakes, move forward with a lesson learned, and remain truthful to yourself.
Another short story that I found myself relating to would be in “Neighbor Rosicky", the main character Anton Rosicky, who is a farmer from Nebraska, reflects his values, when he finds out that he has a bad heart and starts to worry about the future of his children, wife and the crops. While thinking that he won't be able to provide or maintain for his big family and wonders if his children will be able to have a better future, and how would they deal with everything, after he dies. He also reflects on his past, and his happy moments he had as a kid. For someone like Rosicky, approaching his death, he reflects on the meaning of life, and the true values of it, I'm sure he had a great, happy life with his family, and his children will carry his values throughout their future. In my opinion, I can somehow relate to this short story, my parents fought out everything they could,


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