Skewed Research

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Skewed Research


In today’s society we have found that the best way to find what works for individuals and businesses alike is done through business research. This is not always done in ethical manners though. Some companies tend to ask questions that are inappropriate while others changed the information they have been given to make their product look more appealing. This paper will focus on skewing the research results in the service of selling the drug Neurontin. Neurontin is a brand name for the drug gabapentin and it is manufactured by Pfizer and Parke-Davis (Ramirez de Arellano, 2009). The drug has been approved by the FDA to use in treating neurological conditions such as epilepsy. There have been a large
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Secondly the company lost accreditation with the public for skewing the research being done to make the drug more appealing in what it could treat. Skewing the research affected society by losing the trust of individuals when it was made public that the research published had been tainted. It is hard to trust again when you find out the information you are being give is all but the truth. Unethical business research could be avoided if companies that do business research would publish all of the truth without changing any of it or doctoring it up to look better than it really is. If the punishment for using unethical business research were harsher it may deter companies from using unethical practices to conduct their business research. Companies that continue to be found guilty of using unethical business research should be humiliated to the point nobody would want to do business with them, forcing them to close their doors. In conclusion it can be noted that the most important part of finding the right treatments today in medicine is through clinical research data and that data has to be 100% undistorted to know whether or not the treatment is one that will do good or one that will do harm. This goes for any type of business research and should be followed with all companies.

Ramirez de Arellano, A., (2009) The Case of Neurontin: Skewed Research in the Service of Selling.


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