American Ethnic Literature Eng/301

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American Ethnic Literature ENG/301 April M Lee October 15, 2012 Dr .Greg Beatty

Literature came about many decays ago we use Literature to define the genre: humor, poetry, drama, plays, science- fiction and more. You also can use literature for was the ethnicity reason such as; French literature, and English literature and many more other ethnicity. In this paper I am going to talk about the American ethnic literature, American literature American, literary canon and many more different topics. American ethnic literature is a difficult subject to define because there is no single ethnic type of American when it comes to talking about
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Canon also develops over time during works that are taught in the schools. When the curriculum changes bases on cultural, social and historical influences, so does the literary of canon. (Landow, 1989) Ethnic writers define literature by its complex, and dependent on their combinations of such variables. The ethnic writers use the language of translation to their expression of ethnic themes.
Literature by ethnic writers is more ethnic experience has generally been regarded as outside the literary mainstream and has often been overlooked by scholars.
The expression come from "Canadian ethnic literature", which is its on complex that dependent on combinations of such variables as the writer's ethnic identity; the language of writing or translation and the literary expression of ethnic themes. The definition of Canadian ethnic literature must be comprehensive and include émigré writing, both in the nonofficial languages and in translation; literature by writers who perceive themselves as belonging to an ethnic minority, and write from this perspective (usually in English or French); and works that deal with immigrant or ethnic experience but are not necessarily written by a member of the group portrayed.
What people know really know is that the relationship between ethnic literature, and mainstream writing is very much in flux. The latter is increasingly defined in the light of Canada's ethnic diversity. This can be seen in re-evaluations of the


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