Act and American College Testing

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American College Testing & Strong Interest Inventory
Jadine Marie Sawyer: December 11, 2012
Jean Berry
Walden University

Achievement and Intelligence Assessments It is critical counselors are competent in assessments as it is an integral part of counseling (Whiston, 2013). Those practicing in the counseling field must be aware of the applications and limitations of the assessing instruments that they are using with clients. Counselors should consider that they are responsible for the proper purpose and the competency of the assessment that they are using with their clientele is appropriate for the situation. The American Counseling Association ([ACA], 2014) Code of Ethics standard E.1.a. Assessment stated “The primary purpose
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I have a booklet for you with information and your scores.
Client: What else can I know from the scores I got on this test?
Counselor: Absolutely, the scores tell us that English was your strongest area and reading was your next strength. This tell us that your strengths lie in writing. These scores also give us a glimpse into the fact that English and reading during your freshman year of college should not require refresher courses for you. Your scores indicate a high chance of achieving at least a B or above are 75%. You should excel the intro college course you choose (Whiston, 2013).
Client: Great! Than I did do ok!
Counselor: Jadine you should not doubt yourself, you are a smart girl with tremendous abilities. You did wonderfully! With the ACT completed I would like to focus on the second assessment I talked to you about previously, the SII. This is an assessment made up of 291 elements and the responses are then analyzed by a computer to be scored (Leierer, Blackwell, Strohmer, Thompson, & Donnay, 2008). The results generated from this assessment are called a profile. The scores come from five separate areas, these areas are “6 General Occupational Themes (GOTs), which reflect the respondent’s overall orientation to work based on Holland’s theory of types (Realistic, Investigative, Artistic, Social, Enterprising, and Conventional” (Leierer et al., 2008, p. 77), the BIS or Basic


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